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For many of our loyal customers, House 2 Home Moorebank has become something special. Many describe our store as an oasis, a sanctuary filled with gifts and elegant home décor, and for some of our most devoted customers the store has become family. The founders behind House 2 Home Moorebank have strived to create a store that understands the importance of friendship and love in the family home. House 2 Home Moorebank has become more than just an ordinary homeware store; it has blossomed into something of importance in the community.

Husband and wife, Peter and Thea Christofa made their dreams become a reality in 2007, with the opening of their largest homeware retail store. For the owners, House 2 Home Moorebank has long been embedded into their history; both Peter and Thea came from Greek immigrant parents, with the hopes of creating a better life for themselves they were brought up with the strong foundations of work ethic and motivation. For Peter, opening a store in the Liverpool area was of great significance; Peter’s parents opened the first Fish and Chips shop in Liverpool. Having spent most of his childhood in the area, returning to the suburbs meant that Peter had fulfilled one of his long-life dreams.


Together, Peter and Thea have instilled their moral beliefs into both their children’s lives and their business; they strongly believe that the key to living a content life is to generously and wholeheartedly give back to the community. The growth of their business is due to the fact that the Christofa family lives and breathes House 2 Home Moorebank, discussions at the dinner table mainly consist of brainstorming new ideas. With great pride both children, Natasha and Victoria Christofa have chosen to venture into their own path within the homeware industry.

As a business, through ever-changing times, House 2 Home Moorebank from the beginning has the core foundation of providing the most affordable and quality products to create a beautiful home. We strongly believe that the experience of shopping should be many factors. From the smile as you enter the store, the feeling of touching the product, the visual sensation of imagining it in your home, to the customer service and the gratification of shopping; this can only be provided when you shop-in store.

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